Pizza Salvatoré / Delicious pizzas and decadent poutines / Quick delivery


At every 6 orders placed through your VIP account, you will receive a FREE DELICIOUS 12’’ PIZZA OR A FREE DECADENT 7’’  POUTINE!*

 *At  every 6 orders placed online via your VIP account and of over 14$ (before taxes), you will receive a 14,00$ gift card that you can exchange for a decadent 7’’ poutine of your liking or a delicious 12’’ pizza from the 14 choices mentioned in the list below:

Cheese and italian herbs, Peperonni-Cheese, All dressed, Hawaiian, Vegetarian, Salvatoré’s Special, Mexican, Beef, Beef and whiskey sauce drizzle, Chicken’zza, BBQ Chicken, Buffalo Chicken,  Spicy Thai chicken or American with a Whiskey sauce drizzle.

The 14.00$ credit will fully cover the fees of the chosen 12’’ pizza from 14 sorts of the list mentioned previously. You can also apply the 14.00$  on any other item of your choosing from the menu. Orders must be over 14$ before taxes and must be placed 24 hours after in order to be accepted.