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The Salvatoré® franchises G.A. Inc.(hereinafter  “Pizza Salvatoré®”) is committed to take reasonable measure in order to store the information related to the users’ identities. We present to you this declaration in the purpose of explaining what we mean by “the information related to the users’ identities” and how this information is provided to us and how we treat it. We have elaborated this declaration to insure the storage of this personal information via a range of measures emanating from laws and regulations currently in effect.

Pizza Salvatoré® defines the expression “ information related to the users’ identities” (hereinafter personal information) as the contact details: Full name, Address, Phone Number and Email address. Pizza Salvatoré® collects this data only when consciously provided to it by its users.

Pizza Salvatoré® uses this personal information collected by email address in order to improve and develop its products and services to be offered afterwards to clients and users of our website. As a matter of fact, Pizza Salvatoré® can communicate with a person to notify them of winning a contest, to respond to their questions or even give hardware.

Pizza Salvatoré®, occasionally, can provide to its business partners some information such as the Emails and phone numbers as services aimed to its users.

Pizza Salvatoré® reserves the right to modify and update all measures or guidelines or policy statements. Therefore, we invite you to consult the website frequently.


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Salvatoré® does not guarantee in no way and in no time the information, the graphic material, the website’s operation, the products and services featured in this website. Additionally, Salvatoré® bears no responsibility for the results of the commercial operations following the consultation or use of this website. Lastly,  Salvatoré® cannot guarantee in any way that the accessibility and availability of the website remains constant, suffisant and complete.


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