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Pizza Salvatoré is currently hiring managing partners for its various pizzerias!

As a Managing Partner, you'll be responsible for managing your Pizza Salvatoré location's operations, ensuring that the store is accomplishing its mission to, first, impress and impact the customer with their extraordinary service, and second, offer the most delicious products to each and every person who chooses to order from Pizza Salvatoré.

If you can successfully manage your Pizza Salvatoré location for 12 months, you will have the opportunity to become owner of your restaurant, without any down payment required.

- You have experience in the restaurant industry?
- You have experience managing a team?
- You have strong leadership qualities?
- You love engaging directly with customers?

If so, we want to meet you! Simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page, and we will contact you shortly.

*Annual salary varying from $45,000 to $75,000 depending on the quality of the operations.




The franchising program was created for individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit that dream to have their own restaurant. Applicants must display strong leadership qualities and be able to drive the members of their team to internalize our 2 company missions.



The managing partner must have worked with Salvatoré for a minimum of 12 months and have achieved targeted results at the levels of food cost management, payroll management, and customer service. If after 12 months, an individual can successfully manage these 3 categories, we're confident that firstly, their pizzeria will be profitable, and secondly, that the service offered will be of a high standard; at which point we can confidently transfer ownership of the pizzeria while fully-financing the purchase.



We receive a lot of investor interest because, first, our average sales per pizzeria are exceptionally high and, second, people enjoy our brand and want to associate with Pizza Salvatoré. However, because our primary aim is to have the best managing partners, we refuse these outside offers. Again, our goal is to have the best managing partners so that our clients receive consistently perfect pizzas and flawless customer service. We would never offer a franchise opportunity to someone who does not fit the requirements mentioned in this brochure.



We choose to stand by this system because it is one that attracts a lot of high quality applicants by eliminating the barrier to entry created by the initial down payment. This situation is ultimately a “win/win” for both our partners and ourselves, because it allows our partners the opportunity to become a franchise owner without having to place an initial down payment, and it provides us the opportunity to access all the best managing partners out there. If an individual wanted to become a franchise owner for another nationally recognized pizza company, they would need to place an average down payment of between $100,000 and $150,000. Furthermore, Pizza Salvatoré’s pizzerias have 50% higher sales, on average, than other national franchises.



Our future franchise owners are managing partners who are able to drive the members of their team to internalize our 2 company missions. For team members who are in direct contact with clients (delivery drivers and cashiers), their mission is to impress and impact the customer with their extraordinary service! These individuals must gain pleasure from pleasing the clients. For team members who operate in the kitchen, we want our managers to instill in these individuals the mission to offer the most delicious products to each and every person who chooses to order from Pizza Salvatoré.

*We receive high volumes of requests for external investment into our franchises. Please note, we do not accept such external investments in exchange for franchise ownership. Only Managing Partners are eligible to become franchise owners.



Have you already been employed at a Pizza Salvatoré® restaurant before?

Do you have any experience?

Do you have a car?

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